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Arizona has a number of quality higher education options throughout the state. In fact, the largest U.S. public university by enrollment calls Arizona home – Arizona State University (ASU). Two other public universities, various private institutions, such as Embry Riddle Aeronautical College, and a plethora of community colleges round out the options. Combined, these colleges and universities, as well as distance learning opportunities, offer a variety of options to students interested in pursuing a degree in the state of Arizona.

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1. NR 442,033 4 Year Private YES +
2. $9,208 81,789 4 Year Public YES +
Phoenix, Arizona
$8,055 71,712 4 Year Private No +
Tempe, Arizona
$1,824 56,031 2 Year Public No +
Tucson, Arizona
$1,524 53,250 2 Year Public No +
Tucson, Arizona
$9,114 43,038 4 Year Public YES +
7. $1,824 40,070 2 Year Public No +
8. $1,824 32,854 2 Year Public No +
9. $8,951 28,659 4 Year Public YES +
10. $1,824 19,611 2 Year Public No +
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Best Colleges for Future Service Members

Arizona surpasses expectations with its programs for prospective students interested in serving their country. Many degree tracks, both for undergraduate and graduate students, also allow for involvement in ROTC programs. The Army, Navy, and Air Force are associated with a wide range of Arizona universities. We’ve compiled the top programs for service-oriented students looking for a quality education in Arizona. The following programs are four-year, non-profit colleges with at least two ROTC branches to choose from. Also note that the highlighted programs offer a more economical option, as they keep tuition below $20,000 annually. Congrats to these Arizona universities, offering affordable educational opportunities while showcasing strong ROTC programs.

College Name Tuition City ROTC - Army ROTC - Navy ROTC - Air Force
University of Arizona $9,114 Tucson Yes Yes Yes
Arizona State University $9,208 Tempe Yes Yes Yes
Northern Arizona University $8,951 Flagstaff Yes No Yes

Best Colleges for Personal Attention

Students of Arizona colleges and universities enjoy a quality education across the state. Whether they're interested in colleges offering a range of degree study or programs offering just one targeted option for study, Arizona students have options. Many are looking for colleges that offer the best of both worlds: a bustling, vibrant campus without crowded classrooms. The colleges and universities on the list below do just that: Arizona universities with an enrollment over 5,000 and less than 20 students per teacher in the average classroom. Congrats to the top Arizona four-year non-profit colleges with the greatest student-teacher ratios in the state.

College Name Student-Teacher-Ratio Undergraduate Students Tuition Type City
Dine College 20 to 1 2,949 $720 Public Tsaile
Northern Arizona University 20 to 1 22,975 $8,951 Public Flagstaff
University of Arizona 20 to 1 33,190 $9,114 Public Tucson
Arizona Christian University 19 to 1 643 $20,140 Private not-for-profit Phoenix
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott 16 to 1 1,779 $29,520 Private not-for-profit Prescott
Ottawa University-Phoenix 15 to 1 954 $10,860 Private not-for-profit Phoenix
American Indian College of the Assemblies of God Inc 10 to 1 96 $11,700 Private not-for-profit Phoenix
Prescott College 8 to 1 991 $27,408 Private not-for-profit Prescott
Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture 5 to 1 7 $30,000 Private not-for-profit Scottsdale
International Baptist College 5 to 1 73 $10,806 Private not-for-profit Chandler

Best Colleges for Women in Tech

Arizona is the premiere location to find the best degree programs that cater to women in the technology and engineering fields. Through a variety of programs such as mentorships, female dorms, and centers focused on the needs of women, these colleges find themselves at the top of the pack amongst the best schools for women in tech. Ever striving to create the healthiest educational environments, these Arizona colleges are able to boast gender ratios in their technology classrooms that mirror the gender ratios of the rest of the school. To simplify the search for the best programs, we’ve assembled all of the premiere Arizona schools for women in technology in a handy list below. Click here to view our methodology.

College Name Tuition + Fees City Women in Tech Degrees Awarded Total Enrollment Institution Type
Arizona State University $9,724 Tempe 371 59,735 Public
University of Arizona $10,035 Tucson 152 33,909 Public
Northern Arizona University $9,272 Flagstaff 149 19,105 Public
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott $30,420 Prescott 32 1,609 Private Not for Profit
Midwestern University-Glendale N/A Glendale 9 2,759 Private Not for Profit

Colleges Fighting for Families

Arizona is a state full of colleges boasting outstanding social work degrees. Family and children are the nucleus of many of these programs. For degree-seeking students to prepare for a career in child and family welfare, they need to have direct practice with individuals, families, and groups. These programs provide clinical settings and fieldwork that give this valuable experience. In combination with incredible classroom education, these Arizona schools are producing the best graduates in the field. As a result of the innovative social work programs, these schools are consistently at the top in rankings and reputation. We’ve compared all of the schools and catalogued the superior Arizona social work degrees. These can be found at the schools in the list below. Click here to view our methodology.

College Name City Social Degrees Awarded Women Men Tuition & Fees Total Enrollment
Arizona State University Tempe 767 586 181 $9,724 59,735
University of Arizona Tucson 158 100 58 $10,035 33,909
Northern Arizona University Flagstaff 135 106 29 $9,272 19,105