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With a state motto of “oro y plata,” (Spanish for gold and silver), and the official nickname “The Treasure State,” Montana offers along with its agricultural, mining, and scenic enterprises, many higher educational opportunities. Montana is home to an expansive higher education system consisting of universities, Native American tribal colleges, private colleges, and online education.


Colleges in Montana

The Montana University System consists of 16 public universities and colleges, and is divided into three parts: The University of Montana the Montana State University, and community colleges.

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Missoula, Montana
$4,603 18,335 4 Year Public YES +
2. $5,330 16,209 4 Year Public YES +
3. $4,397 6,605 4 Year Public YES +
4. $4,133 4,039 2 Year Public No +
5. $2,496 2,773 2 Year Public No +
6. $5,177 2,456 4 Year Public No +
7. $2,358 2,096 2 Year Public No +
8. $3,699 1,995 4 Year Public No +
9. $3,953 1,715 4 Year Public YES +
Helena, Montana
$26,004 1,511 4 Year Private YES +
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Best Colleges for Future Service Members

Don’t let the wide expanses of Montana fool you, there are still plenty of excellent post secondary schools spread across this fine state. Prospective students interested in the benefits of ROTC will find Montana’s programs exceptional choices. Undergraduate and graduate students have access to the Army, Navy, and the Air Force ROTC across Montana. Below is a compilation of the best four-year, non-profit universities that also boast at least two ROTC programs. The list is further broken down into highlighted selections that represent those schools with a tuition cost under $20,000 per year. Congratulations to the following Montana colleges for presenting students with budget-conscious education along with service opportunities.

College Name Tuition City ROTC - Army ROTC - Navy ROTC - Air Force
Montana State University $5,330 Bozeman Yes No Yes

Best Colleges for Personal Attention

From the badlands to the lush forested western part of the state, Montana is home to excellent schools offering post-secondary degrees. Many students prefer small class sizes to avoid the impersonal, packed lecture halls. That’s why the colleges and universities listed below offer an exceptional college experience. There may be more than 5,000 students at these top-notch schools, but each college offers average class sizes of less than 20 pupils per professor.

College Name Student-Teacher-Ratio Undergraduate Students Tuition Type City
The University of Montana 20 to 1 15,487 $4,603 Public Missoula
Montana State University Billings 19 to 1 5,736 $4,397 Public Billings
Montana State University 17 to 1 13,653 $5,330 Public Bozeman
The University of Montana-Western 16 to 1 1,995 $3,699 Public Dillon
Montana State University-Northern 15 to 1 1,618 $3,953 Public Havre
Carroll College 13 to 1 1,511 $26,004 Private not-for-profit Helena
Rocky Mountain College 12 to 1 1,021 $22,442 Private not-for-profit Billings
University of Great Falls 12 to 1 1,183 $19,188 Private not-for-profit Great Falls
Montana Tech of the University of Montana 12 to 1 2,238 $5,177 Public Butte
Salish Kootenai College 9 to 1 1,458 $5,076 Private not-for-profit Pablo

Best Colleges for Women in Tech

Technology is certainly the field of the future, and colleges in Montana are ensuring that women have a place in the job market. Though technology is an area typically dominated by men, many colleges in Montana have developed programs and services to not only draw women to the field, but also to help them succeed. From female-only residence halls to mentorship programs, these schools are doing what they can to create a warm, friendly environment where women can grow and thrive while fulfilling their educational and personal goals. These Montana colleges have what it takes to let women succeed in the field of technology. Click here to view our methodology.

College Name Tuition + Fees City Women in Tech Degrees Awarded Total Enrollment Institution Type
Montana State University $6,705 Bozeman 81 10,575 Public
Montana Tech of the University of Montana $6,435 Butte 46 1,831 Public
The University of Montana $5,985 Missoula 10 11,949 Public
Montana State University-Northern $5,480 Havre 5 931 Public

Colleges Fighting for Families

Montana is a great state for those who want to work with others in the rewarding career of social work. No matter if students dream of working in a clinical setting or a hospital, or if they look forward to working in a school, social work requires dedicated, empathetic professionals that can be trained at one of Montana’s quality programs. Numerous specialized concentrations and top national rankings make Montana the place to earn a social work degree that will springboard students to a quality, rewarding career. Our list below lists these exceptional programs in the state. Click here to view our methodology.

College Name City Social Degrees Awarded Women Men Tuition & Fees Total Enrollment
The University of Montana Missoula 158 101 57 $5,985 11,949
Montana State University Bozeman 30 20 10 $6,705 10,575
Montana State University Billings Billings 8 5 3 $5,711 3,660
Carroll College Helena 6 2 4 $26,554 1,330
University of Great Falls Great Falls 5 3 2 $20,288 700