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Our Privacy Policy

Since we launched in early 2012, our website visitors and community partners have trusted Online Colleges Database with providing high quality information and data for prospective students, teachers, colleges and universities, and others in the educational ecosystem in the United States of America with keeping their personal information private. We do not sell any personal information to third parties.

We Protect Your Information

Our privacy policy extends online to our website. Our primary focus is providing free web tools for students and non-profits across the globe. When a webmaster or website owner chooses to download one of our web tools, they are doing so without financial charge, and without providing personal information.

Emailing Online Colleges Database

If you would like to contact us, we may retain your email message, our reply and your email address as part of our ongoing customer service initiatives. We reserve the right to contact you after you have contacted us. We may send future email and/or surveys to you about You always have the right to notify us via email if you wish to discontinue electronic communication, and we will promptly adhere to your request by removing you from our email contact list.

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